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Just an update of all the products we stock at Topk9nosh 🐶 Bulmers minces, Natural Instinct, Natures Menu, Wolftucker (arriving this week) and Paleo Ridge. Large variety of bones inc chicken carcasses, wings, backs (can also be ordered by the box), chicken necks, quarter duck, feet, wings, liver, heart, kidneys and oxtail. Premium Dog Food inc Taste of the Wild and Meatlove. Canagan, Fish 4 Dogs, Lily’s Kitchen and Forthglade to arrive shortly. Huge choice of natural treats from JR products, Sea Treats, Rocco and Natural Pet Treats. Anco giant bully sticks, antlers and root chews arriving this week. We also have Botanica creams and spray, garlic powder, kelp powder, salmon and linseed oil. Dorwest also arriving this week 🐶 Our new room at TopK9Nosh is open for you to have a look around 🐶 We are open Tuesday-Friday 12.30-6pm and weekends 12-4pm 😊 

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