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What our customers say...

TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog

Darren, Prestatyn


"We rescued 8 month old Harley (the very mischievous beagle) 7 weeks ago, and after her initial anxiety of being in her 7th home and being severely neglected, we gave her a try on TopK9Nosh's complete raw meals. It was tough to get her to enjoy any food in the early days but I am delighted to say she is now one happy and healthy pup!! She's doing great on it! Also....the hoofs are an absolute necessity now ... keeping her occupied and stopping her mouthing our visitors!!"

Catrin, Rhyl

"Totally made up that I've finally found a local supplier of food that my dogs, two 4 year old shih tzus, absolutely love. They used to be so fussy but really love their meal times now and just cannot get enough of the TopK9Nosh food!  Fabulous staff with lots of knowledge and very helpful advice. Highly recommended"

TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog
TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog

Julie, Drayton in the Moors

"Alfie switched to the raw dog food a few months ago and loves it!  He used to pick at his regular food but now he wolfs it down and is all over me when I'm serving up! He also loves the liver treats, chicken wings, hooves and pigs ears.  Give it a try, I highly recommend it! "

Hadyn, Towyn

"I have a Scottish Deerhound who loves his meal times. He's in great condition and its good to know exactly what he's eating. I'd recommend this to anyone!"

TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog
TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog

Dawn, Rhyl

"Jess loves her new diet, her coat has gone so soft, she suffered with sores on her belly which have now cleared up and there's no more bad doggy breath..she's a very happy little girl who now loves her food."

Ann, Rhyl

"My dogs have been on this raw food diet for 5 months and they look amazing!! Coats shine, teeth are strong and clean, dogs are happy and love the food. All of my dogs are winners at open and championship shows and I wouldn't feed them anything else. Lewis is obedience trained to Kennel Club Silver Level and trainers have all commented on his calmness since being on a raw food diet. Highly recommended!!"

TopK9Nosh Customer's Dog
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