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A Little Bit About Us


Kim Reilly – Business Owner

I've always had a huge interest in dogs. My husband Les and I are the proud owners of 4 Weimaraners, 2 German Shorthaired Pointers, and a Labrador x Weimaraner.


I have always tried to feed my dogs the very best I could afford. I was brought up on the basis that the better the food, the more benefits you would see in the performance and condition of your animals. This has not always been easy owning several dogs, different brands suited individual dogs, and this resulted in having to buy several different feeds. 


My dogs still did not seem to be at their best or comfortable in themselves, there would always be niggling health issues. This is when I decided to try them on a raw meal diet, it’s been a few years now and the dogs and I have never looked back. 


All of our food is natural with no added flavourings or additives, just pure fresh goodness.! All my dogs LOVE their food, they are strong, healthy, and full of vitality.


Rachel Kewley – Business Owner 

Even though I had owned dogs all my life, I had never taken a big interest in what food her dogs ate. The last 3 dogs that Pete my husband and I owned were all labradors,  they ate whatever was put in front of them. However, Bella was a thin mongrel when we rescued her and after trying several varieties of food, nothing helped her to regain her weight and vitality. Gigi joined our family Summer 2020, and has been raw fed since 3 weeks old


I met Kim in November 2014 as she cared for Bella when I went on holidays. Kim explained that she had tried Bella on raw food and that she 'wolfed it down'. Kim and I agreed, that we needed to do something to promote the amazing benefits of a raw food diet for dogs, so with Kim's raw food knowledge and my experience in the welfare-to-work sector, we set up TopK9Nosh and the rest is history.


Today Bella has gained weight, has strong clean teeth, and is muscular and healthy. I know I’m biased but she really does look fantastic!


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